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FeeFiFoFun's Newest App!Make Me Music!

FeeFiFoFun's Make Me Music App! Play your bread box or didgeridoo, make water glasses sing, or pluck a kalimba and let’s MAKE ME MUSIC! Welcome to the sound garden, a world where everything you tap becomes a musical instrument. Learn about melodies, rhythms, glissandos and more.

Illustrated by Alan Aldridge, “His Royal Master of Images to Their Majesties The Beatles”, this fun and funky first music game for ages 3+

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Flutter-by Butterflies!

FeeFiFoFun's Flutter-by Butterflies Apps Flutter through the flower garden to learn colors, ABCs and first rhyming words. Illustrated by Alan Aldridge, "His Royal Master of images to Their Majesties the Beatles", this multi-level matching game for ages 18 months and up grows with your child through four levels of fun!

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